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Lighthouse Abstract, Ltd. is a Full Service Title Insurance Agency and Abstract Company serving the Greater Lehigh Valley and beyond. We specialize in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions. Our Property Search Company offers a full variety of services from document retrieval to full 60 year title searches in all 50 states. Below is a brief list of some of the services that are available to you.

  • All Property Searches (Residential or Commercial
  • County Environmental Lien Search
  • Flood Certification
  • Bankruptcy Searches
  • County Prothonotary UCC Search
  • Judgment/Federal Tax Lien Information
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • County Recorder of Deeds UCC Search
  • Mortgage Information
  • Certified Copies
  • Legal Description Copies
  • Prior Owner Search
  • Corporate Tax Search
  • Deed Search
  • Property Assessment Valve

  • Delinquent Tax Searches
  • State UCC Search


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Lighthouse Abstract Title Insurance​

Lighthouse Abstract, Ltd. has been a leader in the Title Insurance and Abstract Services industry in Allentown, Pennsylvania servicing the Greater Lehigh Valley, and all of Pennsylvania since 1996. We strive to make the purchase or refinance of your home or real estate a satisfying experience.Type your paragraph here.

The purchase of a home is probably the single largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. It is only expected that you would want to protect your investment. Title insurance assures that your rights and interests to the property you are purchasing is as expected and that the transfer of ownership is smoothly completed and that you receive protection from future claims against the property. It is the most effective way to protect your ownership rights to the property.

Because land transfers over generations, many people may develop rights and claims to a particular property. The current owner’s rights – which often involve family and heirs – may be obscure. There may be other parties (such as government agencies, public utilities, lenders or private contractors) who also have ‘rights’ to the property. These interests limit the ‘title’ of any buyer.

Before your real estate transaction closes, the title company performs an extensive search of all recorded documents related to the property. These records are then examined by experienced title agents to determine their effect on the current status of ownership and a report is issued to you or your lender for review. Through this examination it allows any pending title issues to be identified and cleared prior to your purchase of the property.

You’ll appreciate the way we take care of business!

Sonya Bieber, The Lighthouse Keeper